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Silent Scope EX is the third game in the award winning Silent Scope series. Utilizing Konami's very latest technology with a deluxe 38" monitor, you must face the threat of international terrorism head on as a member of the elite covert operations force code-named Viper.

EX is short for extreme, and the new game really does push the format further than it has ever gone before, with an array of completely different levels that offer a variety of challenges to the player.

One minute you'll be perched in the traditional sniper's position familiar to fans of the first two games, picking off enemies arranged in the scene before you; The next minute you'll be dangling from a helicopter screaming down the Grand Canyon, trying to bring down a whole squadron of pursuing gyrocopters.
The cabinet uses two screens, the main game monitor and a smaller screen built into the gun unit. As the gun is moved around on the pedestal, the direction in which it is pointing in relation to the main monitor is tracked.

This allows the image in the smaller screen to also be refreshed, and the illusion that you are looking at a 'far away' and 'close up' view of the same scene is achieved.

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