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iCOMBAT is a one of a kind real world combat simulator at our amusement park. Gear up with the IrM4 weapon system or the Ir pistol. Grab some mags and become immersed in the most intense gaming experience ever. Membership allows international ranked gameplay where you or your strike team can compete in a variety of scenarios or mission based gameplay. Our standard game is like a real life "Call of Duty" Team Deathmatch with Camo vs. Black. Each player will create his or her profile with a gamertag and picture and choose the gear and game style. As you play, achievements will be unlocked and your profile will level up. The IrM4 is a gas piston based laser rifle based on the military M4 combat rifle. Our rifles and pistols have detachable magazines and actual recoil. Unlike any laser tag you've played before, iCOMBAT IS AWESOME.

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