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Gunblade NY was produced by Sega in 1996. “The Big Apple has been taken over by hardcore, armored android soldiers. The situation has come to a deadlock and time is running out. The U.S. Military is paralyzed as any action they take will jeopardize the general public. The federal government decided to bring on the new SAAF (Special Air Attack Force) monster armed attack helicopter called “Gun Blade”. Strap yourself in for one insane ride – “Operation Apple Storm” is underway!”Sega went to great lengths to make this game feel as realistic as possible based on the technology at the time. The game designers went to New York City where they studied city layouts and the A.I. was ground-breaking for a game of this type at the time. The giant force feedback guns gives the player a real sense of firepower and are a hallmark of this game.

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