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Robotron: We have the rare cabaret version. 

The object of the game is to save the last human family although it seems they had a really big family and kill anything or anyone who gets in your way. Two joysticks are used for play control one for movement and the other for firing. The enemies in the game are called Robotrons and there are five different kinds of them: Grunts, Brains, Enforcers, Tanks and Hulks. There are also three different kinds of human family members who must be rescued including women in pink dresses, men in blue suits and boys in red shirts.

During each wave, you must destroy all the Robotrons (with the exception of the indestructible Hulks) and rescue as many human family members as possible in order to proceed to the next wave. When you complete wave 255 it will appear as if you just started the game! Wave 1 starts it all over. Your score will be unaffected. A 1982 release by Williams and an arcade masterpiece.

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