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 Go Ballistic is a brand new video redemption game requiring the players to physically move around by tossing soft play balls at an interactive touch screen. The trend of coin-op gaming industry is slowing shifting towards more interactive movement-based, sports type of games which combine video game technology with fitness.


 Go Ballistic is an action game suitable for the whole family. There are 5 exciting mini-games to choose from. The games are not level-progressive so players have complete freedom to select whichever game and whatever level they want to play! Each mini-game has an interesting theme and a mission that players must accomplish through tossing balls at moving targets onscreen to win points!


 There is no limit to the number of balls per game so players can toss as many balls as they like. There is however a time limit so speed and skills do come into play! The more points earned the more tickets! Height and design of the cabinet encourages game play for the entire family and multi-players. The machine is equipped with a 47" touch screen monitor; superb animated graphics and dynamic surround sound. 

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