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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA was produced by Konami in 2006.


Konami released 403 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1978.

Other machines made by Konami during the time period Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA was produced include Geesen Ryuugaku, Grand Cross, Mahjong Fight Club 5, Beatmania IIDX 13 Distorted, Dancing Stage SuperNova, Dancing Stage Fusion, Cooper's 9, Lethal Enforcers 3, Gajas King, and Wartran Troopers.

After a four year abscence, DDR is back with Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA. Featuring over 300 songs including many brand new to DDR, DDR SuperNOVA is set to become a major hit with dance game fans.Many of your old favorite modes return, such as nonstop course mode, but DDR SuperNOVA also features some brand new modes, including a new tutorial mode for players not familliar with DDR. Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the attle mode which pits players against each other in a danceoff. As players hit notes on cue and get combos, a meter fills up. Once its full, the opponents arrows or playing field with be randomly affected a random speed mod may turn on, or hiddensudden may be activated, or any number of other mods.

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