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Crazy Climber Cabaret: Another very rare Taito release from 1980. Play human fly and scale a building while avoiding a wide variety of falling objects. Get picked up by a chopper at the top and do it all over again. The player assumes the role of a climber attempting to reach the top of four skyscrapers. The climber is controlled via two joysticks. There are multiple obstacles to include:

· Windows that open and close 

· Residents who throw objects such as flower pots, buckets of water and fruit in an effort to knock the climber off the building. 

· A condor, who drops eggs and excrement aimed at the climber. 

·  A giant ape whose punch can prove deadly. 

·  Falling steel girders and iron dumbbells.


The object is to climb  to the top of the building and grab a waiting helicopter. There are four skyscrapers to ascend. This game has a steep learning curve.

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