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This is the eighth installment of the DDR line, this version is said to be the best with over 200 songs, including some of the hardest songs in the world, such as Legend of Max, and Max Unlimited. "Nonstop" mode is also featured, where players must survive 4 songs without stopping, as well as the return of "Oni" mode, where players must play 5-10 songs without stopping and missing more than a few steps.


 Do you have the rhythm? Then step up onto the stage and prove it! In this 8th version of the internationally famous dancing game, move and groove to the music by stepping on the arrows as they scroll up the screen. Do well enough, and you progress to the next stage! Players start by selecting one many songs available, then the game begins.


As the arrows reach the top of the screen, players press their feet on the corresponding lighted arrows on the dance floor The songs range from one foot up to nine, known as "Catastrophic" songs, increasing in difficulty as far as speed (beats per min.) and are nearly impossible to finish!

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